As of today, my third erotic short story is released commercially on This is the longest story I’ve written yet. It’s almost a novella. It started as a 2,500-word short story, but I wasn’t satisified with the way it . . . stopped, rather than ended, and I knew I needed to find the right direction. The story sat around for months while I tried to figure out where it should go. And then, believe it or not, one morning in the shower I knew where the story needed to go. And I wrote it through. I think it’s one of the best stories I’ve ever written. Certainly the longest, clocking in at 14, 697 words. I’m quite proud of this one! Faithe and Salvation takes you into the world of consensual dominance and submission. Morgan Tremayne comes from a long line of self-made, wealthy, honorable Dominant men and is on a quest to find his “kindred spirit” —  a woman who recognizes her own true submissive desires, and will willingly accept him as her Dominant on a life journey of self discovery in a mutually devoted, consensual D/s relationship. In a total power exchange, he’ll be devoted to her, protect her, care for her, teach her, never punish her without cause; never intentionally cause her pain she could not bear simply for his own satisfaction; guide her on a journey of self-discovery. In return, she must be willing to surrender completely to him: She must be secure in deriving her happiness from his pleasure, sexual and otherwise; must be content with his being in complete control of her life, body and soul. When, as a young adult Morgan meets Belinda, he senses immediately that he’s found his “kindred spirit.” But ultimately, their D/s journey takes them both on a fateful course neither of them can control, leaving Morgan caring about nothing, existing without living. Until he finds free-spirited, sassy Faithe by pure chance. Is Faithe his new kindred spirit? Will she be his salvation? Will he be hers? Faithe and Salvation is a stimulating, gripping, sensual graphic story of a man and two women coming to grips with their deepest desires that’s sure to leave you thinking about your own sexuality.


My second eBook, this time a short-short, will be available from on Dec. 1!

Here’s the cover blurb to whet your appetite for another sensual story. You can read an excerpt by visiting

by Aden Kains

by Aden Kains, coming Dec. 1, 2008 from eXcessica

Somewhere in England, in the midst of World War Two—a time when lovers grabbed romance, passion and sex any moment they could, and tried not to think about how it could end with death in the skies over Europe. Susan had learned her lesson, that war was no time to fall in love—too young, it had made her a Squadron Leader’s widow. After two years of pining, now she lives for every romance-, passion-, lust- and sex-filled moment, no matter how fleeting. She lives For the Moments, ignoring the whispers of neighbors as she rides her bicycle every day to the village general store and post office that she runs. Charmed by the naiveté of a Royal Air Force air-gunner years younger then her, Susan has been brought back to life by their war-time affair. She savors every moment they’re together, whether it’s making him hard with her foot under the table during their Tuesday evenings at the Black Shepherd pub, or filling the room with the scent of sex when they rendezvous at her flat. She dreams of him every waking moment, and her body quivers. In a sleepy little English village, the passionate, steamy, scandalous affair between the lonely 30-year-old postmistress and the young air-gunner named Robert takes a twisting paranormal turn when he shows up shaken at her bedside unexpectedly after a night-bombing mission. For the Moments was Aden Kains’s first erotic short story. Originally written in 2001, For the Moments was critically praised by the Erotica Writers & Readers Association, and was a feature of the month on the association’s website. Now available in general release for the first time, this eXcessica erotic tale of wartime passion and lust from Aden Kains will have you savoring the story’s every moment.

Today I started a writer’s group on Facebook, hoping to connect with other Toronto and environs authors of erotic fiction. And I also joined two Facebook groups for readers and writers of erotic fiction. So, I more or less came out of the closet on Facebook today. That’s because joining the two groups showed up on my wall. So did starting Erotic Words of Toronto. So now my old classmates, as well as my work colleagues and other friends and acquaintenances, will know it’s really me. Yup. A guy they probably thought ever had this side to his personality. Well, I’m not afraid anymore to have people know. One of my old school mates was quick to post a comment on my wall after seeing the note about the groups that I joined, and the one I started: “Dirty bugger! LOL”.

Now, I know he’s just kidding around – and he’s in Edmonton, Alta., anyway. But comments like that still mean there’s a perception out there that writing erotica is somehow sinful. It’s not. It’s an exploration of human sexuality. At least it is, for me. It’s an exploration of my own sexuality. I know now why I write erotica, and why I enjoy it: My parents never talked about sex when I was growing up. It’s my way of wrestling with my demons; one in particular – my mother’s attitude that it was sinful to go away with my girlfriend for a weekend, before we were married. It’s taking me years to get over this. Took me a long time just to get comfortable having a sexual rendezvous with the woman I was going to marry. Probably a big part of the reason why I live in a new state of normal now with general anxiety disorder.

But what the hell. I’m good at writing erotic fiction. And I enjoy it. And it’s a good feeling when you know you’ve crafted a good story that readers are enjoying, too.

The Last Death of Ron and Melanie, now available at

The Last Death of Ron and Melanie, now available at

My first eBook is published! It’s available now on for just $1.99.

Here’s the cover blurb to whet your apetite.

They’d been high-school sweethearts. Once, they loved each other. But life circumstance has taken its toll on them, and Ron and Melanie are a bitter pair about to part ways. Passion lost to life—they’re a couple whose relationship is over. When fifty percent of first marriages in America end in divorce, Ron and Melanie are about to become just another statistic. Melanie’s on a train, headed to a final meeting with her soon-to-be ex husband, at which they’ll say their last goodbyes, sign separation papers and go their separate ways forever. After all, he’d called her a passionless bitch, confessed he fucked an old flame, and then just walked out on her when she really needed him most. She despises him for that. Yet, even as she dresses to catch her train, Melanie’s nipples harden and her sex tingles when she thinks of Ron. Maybe you know someone who’s been through Ron and Melanie’s dilemma of passion, lust, loss, sex and hate. Maybe it’s a reminder of something in your own life. The characters and their situation will jump off the pages at you. You’ll find yourself in your own reader’s emotional turmoil, just like Ron and Melanie—you’ll hate the story; you’ll love the story; it’ll make you hot and bothered, and wet or hard, all at the same time. Can there be any kind of happy ending for this once-passionate couple in turmoil? You’ll have to read right to the last line of The Last Death of Ron and Melanie, to know for sure what happens to them both.

My name’s Aden Kains. Okay, that’s my pen name. The one I’ve decided to use for writing erotic short fiction…or hmm, maybe a novella, too. And I guess I’m one of the newest fresh published erotic short fiction authors on the scene—I’ve just made my first sale!

The Last Death of Ron and Melanie is soon to be published for sale as an eBook (a “short”) on I’m not going to tell you what it’s about, at least not here. Instead, I’ll do a little shameless self promotion and say, visit and check out The Last Death of Ron and Melanie under “coming soon”.

I enjoy writing (and reading) erotic fiction. Oops, confession time, because most of my friends and family don’t know this, but heck I’m a Gemini . . . Other genres too, but erotica’s my favourite thing to write. It’s . . . um . . . stimulating and fun to write. And very challenging, too. Crafting a good erotic story isn’t easy because it all starts with a believable plot and characters. Sex for the sake of sex in writing just doesn’t work.

Here’s what I mean: The Last Death of Ron and Melanie was the first piece of erotic short fiction I’ve written in about six years. I’m not sure why I got away from it. Life, work, and raising a child and trying to maintain a balance, I suppose. The story was actually two years in the crafting. I couldn’t figure out where to take it from the middle…and then in one day on a two-hour train trip coming home from a day at head office, it all um…came together. Largely thanks to an adrenalin rush in an anxiety attack. After not knowing where to take the story, I saw the ending clearly, and banged it out. I’m really happy with the way it came out, so to speak. Selena Kitt liked it too, so there you go—it’s coming soon on as an eBook.

Okay so maybe you’d call me “new talent” when it comes to the erotic fiction market. But by no means am I new at working with words. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years. These days, I work full-time as a communications specialist in a large communications department for a financial services company. I won’t say anymore than that. A lot of my colleagues don’t know this side of me and probably would be shocked if they realized they knew the author of the above-mentioned story. It’s a side of me they don’t know. Part of me really doesn’t mind if they find out, and part of me is afraid of what they’ll think of me. Of course that doesn’t help the little mental health disorder I live with in a new state of normal now. (On the other hand, it’s actually great for creative bursts sometimes! Before I submitted The Last Death of Ron and Melanie for publication, I let my friend Lorie read it, and also one of my female colleagues at work. Lorie loved it. Glenda thought it was good, but she was left thinking, “Wow, is this coming from the Aden I know?

I don’t know whether you write under a pen name, but I’ve decided it’s the best option for me, because I don’t know whether my friends, colleagues and family would think less of me if I wrote under my real name and they read my stories. Let’s face it, erotic fiction is the hot market today, but it’s not for everyone. I’m quite capable of writing a good non-erotic short story, too, but I like writing erotica. It’s fun, challenging, and…um…stimulating. And if my writing stimulates a reader’s emotions, senses and body, then I’ve done my job well.

We erotic fiction authors need someone to vet our words. I’m glad my friend Lorie likes to read my stories. I’ve written several, actually, and recently my friend Lorie has read most of them. She’s open minded, fun and a cougar. She said she liked all the stories and they made her really hot over a weekend that she read them. Well, if they had that effect, then I know I’m pretty good at this kind of fiction.

But truthfully, I wish my wife was my biggest fan. I’d really like to share my stories with her. But she won’t read them. I love her dearly, but she’s very conventional. In fact, when I told her that I’d sold The Last Death of Ron and Melanie, she said, “It’s not something I’d brag about.” She doesn’t know I have this blog. And would probably kill me if she read this. Oh, well. I’ve got my friend Lorie to share my stories with. In fact, she’s insisted that she gets to read every one before it gets posted on, or sold for publication. I’ve got three erotic short stories on (under another username). But it’s very cool making my first commercial sale. It’s inspired me to keep writing erotica.

How did you get into writing erotica? For me, it was a bit of an experiment back in 2001. I was starting—yes, in mid-life, I admit—explore my own sexuality more, and look for a way to make a non-erotic story that I’d originally written for a creative writing class in university over 20 years ago, work better. It was a bit lame. Adding an erotic dimension helped me develop the characters and the storyline more, and turned it into a great story. It was actually featured for a month on And I’ve just submitted it for publication consideration, too. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

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